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Everyone has a reason why they want to learn (or perfect) their language. This could be to improve employment opportunities, survival in a new country or simply to understand different cultures For me, my only reason for teaching French, like an adult, was to travel A few years ago, during my career at my university, the advertising agent told me about him The study is an intensive programme of French immersion offered to students in French. Research participants are provided with funding that covers fees, training materials, food and accommodation, and accommodation in another region of Canada. The best one is that you don't need to know French before you join the program! You will be placed in a class that is the right level for you-with people who are at the same level as you, even if you are new! I was the subject. I took French classes up to ninth grade and made sure the end of this class. But when someone told me that I could travel and spend my summer in Quebec at a very affordable price, I see no reason to refuse For five weeks, I had the opportunity to live in Montreal, Quebec. I had classes in the morning, working days in the afternoon, and lots of events and excursions on the weekends. There was even a day trip to Quebec City. Due to the cultural immersion and the conversation in the classroom, I spoke French as an adult for the first time! I was surprised and amazed. Language learning is much easier when you are in an environment, day and day, doing operations that are fascinating and exciting However, my French trip was not there

North Quebec

After the program ended, I returned home for two weeks. I packed my bags to go to Northern Quebec to my Odyssey. The Odyssey program is a nine-month language assistant designed to allow students to practice their second language. For Anglooptones, you can choose either in Quebec or New Brunswick. There you will work in school to help students practise their English. I was placed in the city of Alma, 6 hours north of Montreal, where there are 30,000 French! There I worked in French high school and planned English games, events and discussions I also lived with other English assistants from Vancouver, Alberta and Nova Scotia. There was even a Mexican who was there to teach Spanish! It's interesting that I spent my childhood in Toronto, and I've never been to other provinces. Thus, the opportunity to live among such diverse crowds was a turning point. Not only did I find out about the culture of Quebec, but also about other parts of Canada Odyssey has been a unique experience in many ways. I've learned that living as an immigrant in another city, and people have to go through this to integrate into the culture. I experienced the first language barrier and cultural shock. And, first of all, I had to learn (and improve) a new language The study and Odyssey were critical to starting my career. Through these two programs, I discovered my love for the pupils, as well as love for teaching and travel. You could say that I was exploring my own odyssey by using Explore and Odyssey, hehe PS. If you are interested in learning the French language for five weeks within five weeks, then PPS. If you want to live in another part of Canada and work with students,

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